Westland Master Bedroom

Our master didn't need nearly as much work as other rooms (thankfully!). It was just a matter of getting rid of the nasty carpet, and adding a fresh coat of paint.

                                  BEFORE                                                                                       AFTER

Look down for the whole story.....

We removed the carpet (yuck!), and had the floors refinished.  Then we painted and installed new molding.  Oh, and yes, it's definitely yellow in there!  (although more of a mustard color, not quite the canary yellow it looks like in some pics.)

We installed white 2" faux wood blinds in all the bedrooms (www.islandblinds.com), as well as a simple white ceiling fan w/ light (found at Lowe's on clearance).

I had been obsessed with a Pottery Barn storage bed for a very long time.  We lucked out to find a knock-off at JCPenney for half the price!  It only took several years of stalking....

We also built our own headboard.  I upholstered some 20"x20" wood panels, and we created a frame for them, then bolted it to the bed.

After a bit of a hiatus, we have finally upgraded some furniture!  I found a great price on some side tables from the JCPenney catalog.  I was going to buy some baskets for the shelves, but hubby prefers to stack his books on there, and doesn't have room for the baskets anyway.  Then I found these awesome fill-able lamps (is that a word? fill-able?), on clearance at JCPenney, this time in their store.  (I really love me some JCP!)  The woven shades tied into the bed baskets perfectly.  I'm still debating about what should fill them.  They have pine cones and some fake acorn things in them now, but I feel like it's a little too rustic.  Hmmm.

For Christmas 2009 (yes, this is 2+ years later, gah!), my parents got us a gift card to IKEA (at our request) so that we could finally get an "adult" dresser.  When I was single I needed a dresser - cheap! - and so I found two cheap-o dressers at Value City for $20 each.  Yes, they were made out of cardboard.  :o)  I won't even disgrace myself with a "before" photo of them (besides, I forgot to take one, oops).  So we went to IKEA one day to browse, not intending to buy the dresser yet, when we saw that they had two of our desired dressers in the "as-is" section.  Score!  One was absolutely perfect except for the side of the top had been bashed in a little.....and it was $100 off!  I decided that this one little dent was worth saving $100, so we went home with it that day!  Here is the dent (apparently drawing an arrow free-hand is much harder than you would think):

To cover up the dent (although it really isn't noticeable unless I point it out), I bought a table runner to go over the top of the dresser (from Home Goods).  Love it!  (And yes, that is our ginormous tv on top.)

We also added a little "artwork" on the wall next to the closet.  Check out the DIY page for more details on how it was made.