Westland Living Room

This room experienced one of the most dramatic changes, as it lost half of its walls!  The tearing down of the walls was pretty much a prerequisite of buying the house.....I really didn't want to live there if the walls had to stay!  Luckily our house has trusses that span the outer walls, so we have no load-bearing walls, and we could demolish at our will.  Sometimes demo is the best part!

BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

Keep scrolling for the full transformation......

The first thing we did was remove the paneling from the back wall, and then the whole wall followed.  Since the hubby was at work, I had the pleasure of destroying it all by myself!  (with some help from Ty's parents)  I am woman, hear me roar!  :o)

Next the kitchen wall came down....

And since we now had holes in the floor, walls, and ceiling where those walls had been, there was suddenly a necessity to learn the art of drywalling.  Apparently I am better at mudding than Ty is, so I became the "master drywall-er" in our house (check out the kitchen and dining room pages for pics). 

Once the drywalling was done, we were ready to tackle the floors.  Well, not us.  Tony.  The floors were the ONE thing throughout our renovations that we paid someone else to do.  We read several horror stories about people trying to refinish their own floors, only to end up with gouges, waves, and bubbles in the finish.  It was well worth the money to have a pro do it.  And Tony did an amazing job getting out all the stains!  Remember that big ugly blotch in the middle of the floor?  Yep, gone!

After that, it was just a matter of painting, installing molding, and arranging the furniture.  Paint color is Behr Almond Toast.

And please ignore my husband's famous thumbs-up pose, as well as all the junk all over the place!  :o)

Eventually we upgraded the light fixture in our entryway.  It used to be an old frosted glass thing, and we replaced it with a gorgeous pendant lamp with amber glass teardrops.  Huge improvement!