Westland Dining Room

Another big transformation because.....well.....there wasn't one before.  We had this tiny little bedroom behind the living room that was kind of rendered useless by the addition of a sliding glass door (where would you put a bed?).  The wall between this "bedroom" and the living room came down, and thus, a dining room was born!  I grew up eating dinner as a family in our dining room every night, so I was excited create one in our house, instead of just an eat-in kitchen!

BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER

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We tore out the nasty blue carpet, fake wood paneling, and teal vertical blinds.  We also took down the lovely wallpaper border and fixed the sliding door (it needed a new roller).  Then the wall came down!  (More pics are on the Living Room page.)  We didn't need a closet anymore, so we walled it off, and then cut an opening on the other side to make it a linen closet in our "hallway".

Then we had to patch up all the holes we had created!  What a mess!!

Then on to priming and painting!  The wall color is Behr Almond Toast.  When we had the floor refinished, our floor guy patched up the hole where the wall had been - you'd never notice it, he did a great job!

Goodbye horrific ceiling fan!

After this, the dining room was at a stand-still for a while.  We were planning a wedding and renovating the bathroom, so the dining room table became a catch-all for every project going on.  Once we finished the bathroom (and got hitched!), we were able to come back, wall off the access panel to the tub, add the baseboards, and finish up!

I still need to add something to the wall on the right, and make a cornice box for the sliding door.  I'd love to have a buffet in there (and heck, while we're making wish lists, a whole new dining set), but I'm not sure if it would fit.  Ahhhhhh, and crown molding would be icing on the cake!